Bridging the gap between race and gender in the Technology industry


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in 2017, only 26% of the computing workforce were women, and only 3% of the computing workforce were african-american/ black women.*

*Source: The national center for women and Information technology


Our Mission

We help young women of color across the nation discover, pursue, and succeed in technology-related careers.

Our Impact

The Next IT Girl helps close the gender and racial gap by providing technical workshops, mentorship, and career readiness for young women of color ages 8-22 who are interested in pursuing a technology career.



WOC tech mentors

A collaborative network of women of color in technology who are professionals, leaders, and mentors bridging the gap of gender and race in the tech industry.



Years Serving communities

Founded in 2015, we are focused on exposing underrepresented communities to technology.

We currently have chapters in Atlanta, GA, Indianapolis, IN, & Charleston, SC.



YOUNG women of color impacted

Increasing daily, our programs along with partnerships have impacted over 100+ young women of color.

Our Programs

One of the most exciting things about the technology field is how many different careers you can explore. From data science to networking, mobile app design to software development, cloud computing to cyber-security, the only limit is your imagination.

That’s why The Next IT Girl teaches young women about all aspects of computer science and information technology— not soley coding.


‘IT Girl’ Tech workshops

Looking to learn a new concept or polish your skills? Each workshop topic will offer problem-solving and analytical skills combined with teamwork to understand both the critical details and the big picture.

Our mentors act as reflections of our young women,” says Founder Napiya Nubuya.

“They are inspiring
and successful role models who can uniquely relate
to participants on a personal, gender, racial, and
interest level.

Get Involved

By supporting broader career options, encouraging all technical interests, and bringing together like-minded minority, we provide the support network young women of color need to pursue-and successfully complete-technical degrees.


Become a supporter

Much of the work that The Next IT Girl does towards increasing the presence of young women of color in tech is made possible by our sponsors and partners.

Volunteer opportunities

Developers, Admins, Specialists, Analysts, Engineers, etc., we need you. Our platform exists to show that representation matters and that women who look like them exist.


Your contribution to our efforts to expose young women of color and increase diversity to the tech industry is funding countless resources and opportunities to young women of color.