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105: Local IT Girl, Global Impact

I’m an Indianapolis IT Girl, but my work is global. I am global, and that is only possible because a long time ago, someone gave me something priceless: the gift of permission.

She did it by giving herself permission, playing entirely by her own rules and having the audacity to simply pursue their own passions and encourage me by proximity to do the same, regardless of perceived qualifications or expectations. Learning along the way, resourcefulness, navigating uncertainty, boldly seizing opportunities, and trying difficult things while learning from obstacles are skills we continuously develop throughout life. But this post isn’t about those skills - it’s actually about my current “thing,”....

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104: Drinking From A Fire Hose: How To Handle The Fast Pace Of Technology

One of the biggest truths about the technology industry is that it’s fast-paced and always changing. I compare it to the bustling streets of downtown Indy. Each morning, the sun will rise to the beauty of curved, ornate architecture, the smell of coffee and baking bread, and the allure of clothes in store windows. But with that comes honking horns, jaywalking pedestrians, and the occasional street festival. The action never stops and it’s different every day.

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103: Achieving Goals In Tech, With or Without Passion

The advice to follow your dreams is everywhere. Whether you think that’s inspiring or cliché, you can hardly avoid being told by well-meaning friends and picture quotes on social media to pursue your passions, give it your all, and never stop til you’ve achieved your goals. I’ve always struggled with that idea, because... what if you aren’t sure what your goal is?

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