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110: RECAP: NgAtlanta Angular Tech Conference

#YouCanSitWithUs The theme behind this year’s NgAtlanta Angular Tech Conference. A two day conference focused on diversity and inclusion. NgAtlanta is organized by Zackary Chapple, for the second year Zack has done an amazing job bringing the global Angular community together to help improve the Atlanta tech ecosystem. There’s a lot of growth happening in tech in Atlanta and local conferences and summits are becoming a huge part of bridging the gap to find talent.

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109: 3 Practical Skills to Succeed in Tech

When I started my first big career opportunity, I never expected it to be in IT. As a matter of fact, I told myself I was not qualified to work in a world with computers, software, and languages beyond the many I learned singing in choir. But my fear of the technical world and my ignorance and assumptions about what made a person “good at” tech were the only things keeping me from moving forward into what has now spanned a 20+ year adventure.

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108: RECAP: HUE Tech Summit: The Power Within

At HUE Tech Summit, you can look around the room and see women ahead of you in their career, women who were with you in their career and women who were going to follow in your footsteps. The women ahead of you and you hope that you could keep going, they gave you energy that there was opportunity for you to grow in the tech industry. The women behind you gave you the fortitude not to give up. The women behind you gave you the will to keep pushing so it will be a little less strenuous for them.

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